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The idea for Oleander Marketing was born like any great idea in Galveston – with two good friends, great conversation, and a touch of cocktails.  

With a deep love of the island and all the unique people and places that make this sandbar unlike anywhere else in the world, we set out to help.


Oleander Marketing was founded with the idea that local businesses have amazing products but occasionally need varying levels of assistance with marketing strategy.   Navigating through the maze of marketing choices is a difficult task these days.  We aim to create and teach businesses how to manage their custom marketing mix.

Oleander's founder, Jennifer Kelso, moved to Galveston in 2001 and has over 10 years working in the Galveston area marketing, special events, and public relations fields.  In addition, Jennifer is a former educator with years of experience teaching technical subjects. 


Oleander Marketing is a full-service marketing firm that can help plan, implement, and most importantly help your business understand the how & whys of your business' marketing needs.

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